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Vancouver Luxury Rental (VLR) specializes in luxury property rentals. Our clients and tenants include Canadian and International business executives, governments officials, film crews, celebrities, movies stars, professional sports teams, and affluent visitors from all over the world. We offer both furnished and unfurnished accommodations including luxurious condominiums, magnificent estates, gorgeous city homes, incredible vacation homes, and exclusive penthouses in the Greater Vancouver area. Our Leasing Agents and Property Managers are all professionally licensed with the British Columbia Real Estate Council.


欲了解详情请致电 604.899.0220


  • 1. 当与本公司合同签署完毕之后我们会帮助您刊登广告寻找合适租客
  • 2. 筛选所有广告咨询并为业主找到最符合条件的优质租客
  • 3. 每周都会和业主进行沟通并报告租房进程和推荐有租赁意向的租客
  • 4. 当租客确认意向,主动准备租客申请表,调查其背景以及信用记录
  • 5. 代替业主签署合同以及准备租客入住所需的文件
  • 6. 为每一份标准的卑诗省租约加上精心设计的附加条款来保护权益
  • 7. 为房屋状况做详细记录,如需时会拍摄房屋照片
  • 8. 将对租客押金,以及租金做好安排
  • 9. 安排租客做搬入搬出并与其检查签字确认状况


  • 1. 每月帮助业主收取租金并汇款到指定收租账号
  • 2. 如需时,可以帮助屋主支付每年的地税和基础设施费等
  • 3. 当房屋内外有状况时,会主动分析责任归属方并进行排专业维修人员对物业作日常的维修维护
  • 4. 租客入住期间我们将根据规定对物业进行访查和记录
  • 5. 如需时,协助屋主和租客之间的联络
  • 6. 每年按照政府规定比例增涨房租
  • 7. 有必要时帮助业主终止租约
  • 8. 若有任何纠纷时,专业管理经理会代表/陪伴出席仲裁听证会并为客户准备所需资料。(欲了解详情请致电VLR咨询)
  • 9. 每个月租金情况都将由专业会计为您提供流水账单


  • 1. 我们可以每月帮您预扣税款,每年帮您准备报税所需资料(我们会收取一个年费)
  • 2. 我们可以帮您做税收汇款
  • 3. 若是您有特殊的税务要求我们将协助您申请有关资料

List Your Luxury Property With VLR

If you have any questions regarding Vancouver Luxury Rentals property management services, please contact us.

Alternatively, to submit your luxury property for listing with Vancouver Luxury Rentals, please complete our Property Information Form and the Vancouver Luxury Rentals team will contact you within 24 hrs.

What Happens Next?

After discussing the details of your property on the phone, our next step will be to visit your property and finalize the details of your listing.

If you are unsure of what your property should rent for, we urge you to do your own research and review other properties on our site for comparisons. 

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